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(Note: This is the largest bulletin of the year! Be sure to APPLY!   Many guarantees ONE Taylor recipient meaning there is no competition with students in other schools.)

Scholarship Bulletin #6 March 14, 2023

This bulletin is available in the Counseling Office and from Misters Bennett and Richey, the Taylor web page, & senior e-mail. Updates can be found on the “Daily Announcement;” for parents to receive them daily, contact Mrs. Lambert, E190. Pick up applications in the CO. Entries marked with an * need to be returned to the CO.

Deegan applications from senior women are still open till March 16. Info. is in the GO.

*Sellers applications have been slow to come in. This is basically automatic if you have a “C” avg. The amount will be based on the balance in the Fund and the number of applicants. Estimate is $600. Due date is April 15 in the CO.

*Class of ’70 is looking for three $1,000 recipients for their new scholarships. Criteria are grades (7.9), extra-curricular, community, and character. One each will be based on need, recommendation of a ’70 grad, and general. (You may apply under one or all three categories). Previous recipients were: Sean Davis, Brooke McGuire, Alison Pemberton ’20; Kendall Lanning, Madison Estok, Nathan Keene, ’21, due in the GO April 7.

The American Legion Auxiliary has a $500 local scholarship. Criteria are grades, activities, and an essay on your desire for college. Answer each question carefully. Deadline is April 10. The applicant must show a family veteran connection. Previous recipients have been Marrissa Tuttle ‘11, Caleb Copp ‘14, Heather Street ’15, Liz Marden, ’19.

The American Legion Auxiliary also has a $500 district scholarship. Criteria are similar to the local, including the need to show a veteran connection.  Previous recipients were Ron Johnston, Amanda Barton, & Emily Dill. Deadline is April 10. There are also other ALA scholarships available at www.alaforveterans.org.

Howard County Retired Teachers are again offering their $1,000 scholarship for a future teacher. Alyssa McElwain ’12 and Caleb Copp ’14 were recipients. Application is due April 6.

Tri Kappa offers four scholarships: Two general scholarships of $1,000 stress academics. The two Barb Peele of $500 focus on need. Both look for community service and leadership. A student may apply for both. Recent winners have been Courtney Schroeder and Marrissa Tuttle ’11, Mc Kenna Deckard ’14, Ashley Nguyen ’16, and Destiny Booth ’20. E-mail the application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. by March 31.

The Kokomo MLK Memorial, open to all races, is offering $1,000 to one Taylor senior based on grades, awards, school/community activities. Need will be considered if student includes his/her FAFSA showing family income. Deadline to submit is March 27.

*The Andrew Fernung scholarship. in memory of Taylor’s first superintendent, will go to deserving seniors.  The two $1,000 grants are based on academics, activities, choice of occupation, and need (if student submits family income on the FAFSA). Consideration is given to children of Taylor employees (not limited to teachers). Return to the CO by April 7.

*The Harland family scholarships will award three $1,000 grants based on academics, school and community involvement. Applications are due in the GO by April 7.

Kokomo Country Club is again offering at least two $1,000 scholarships. They are meant for KCC employees (past or current), their children, and area golfers (but not children of members). Other criteria are grades, activities, and jobs. Due April 1.

Community Howard is offering the Maude Kelley scholarship to future health care workers. This is very broad, including dentistry, radiology, etc.) Approximately half of the twenty usually given annually are for new applicants. They usually range from $500 to $1,000, renewable for four years. Besides academics, preference goes to applicants interested in employment in/near Howard County. Applications are due no later than April 3 at the hospital’s foundation office. There have been 18 grants to Titans (sometimes more than once/person). In 2014, we had Tyler Marler, Amy Lipchik, Carly Moore, and Casey Moore.  In 2015, we had Ashley Nguyen. In 2016, Ashley repeated plus Nick, also Savannah Delgado and Isabella Smith. In 2017,
Cami Hansen was a winner.

Apprenticeship programs are great for students who like to work with their hands. The education to get a journeyman’s card is usually very inexpensive. Leave your name in the CO to see Mr. Short.

Financial Builders Credit Union offers four $1,000 scholarships based on need, grades, community, & jobs. These are worth the trouble as there are few applicants willing to write the essays. (Student does not have to be a member.) App. is due April 1.

Tip: Check your parents’ employment, church, union, sorority, etc. for scholarships!

Awards Sunday, May 21, 2:00-3:30, Cafetorium: Over fifty seniors will be recognized!

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