Incentive Trip Requirements

This would be our year-end incentive trip. To be eligible for this trip, the student must meet the following requirements:

6th Grade Requirements
  • The student may not have missed more than 10 school days or a total of 80 periods, excused or unexcused.
  • The student may not have received any F’s in any core subjects (Math, English, Reading, Science, and Social Studies) on their report card beginning the second nine weeks through the midterm grade of the 4th grading period.
  • The student must not have been suspended out of school at any time during the school year.
  • The student must not have more than 3 incidents of ISR.
7th Grade Requirements
  • No F's on 9 weeks grading periods 1-3 and the 4th nine weeks midterm
  • No more than 70 periods missed (not counting 5th period)- two tardies count for 1 period absent.
  • No OSS
  • No more than 7 periods of ISR (not counting 5th period)
8th Grade Requirements
  • No ISR
  • No OSS
  • No more than 10 days or 80 periods absent
  • No F’s for Semester 1 cumulative avg. and Semester 2 cumulative avg. prior to Incentive trip
pdf Download Incentive Permission Form Here TMS Field Trip Permission Form (184 KB)
pdf Download Incentive Requirements Here TMS Incentive Trip Requirements (50 KB)

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