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Dear Titan Faithful,

titans logoThose of you who have been around Titan athletics for any number of years have probably noticed a very discouraging fact. Our youngsters typically compete well in the younger grades- elementary through middle school. It usually isn’t until high school that we see separation between our athletes and the athletes of our conference schools. It surely can’t be that our athletes are suddenly less skilled or coached poorly. I believe it comes down to one simple fact- other schools have intensive weight/strength training programs that allow their athletes to grow physically while our athletes struggle to play three sports and find time to train even a little. If you look historically at our school, you will notice that the sports where we have excelled are baseball and tennis, both sports that rely more heavily on skill than strength. Will these sports benefit from a strength program? Of course they will; we want all or our athletes to perform at peak strength anytime they step on the field or court, thus increasing our ability to compete as well as decrease the chance of injury.

It is with this in mind, that we have begun a strength training program at Taylor High School. I have met and planned with Club Fitness 24 over the past few weeks. We have created a plan whereby two trainers from Club Fitness are coming to Taylor three days a week to train up to thirty athletes at a time. We are holding these training sessions at 6:00 AM to allow athletes competing in a sport to continue training. Club Fitness has also agreed to train our coaches on proper technique so that they may continue training more athletes after school.

I am writing you today to ask for your help. A plan like this is not free. Club Fitness is working with us to make it as affordable as possible; I am very pleased with our plan. My goal this year is to raise enough funds to begin training immediately and continue through the summer. At that point, I am hoping that our second fund raising program will be in full effect and offsetting the cost of continuing the training yearly. If you agree that this is a worthwhile program and would like to begin helping our athletes, please make a donation to the Athletic Department and note in the memo at the bottom of the check, “strength training” so the funds will go toward the program. We are happy to accept any amount, but will offer special recognition outside the Athletic Office and weight room for those who sponsor:

Day $100.00
Week $300.00
Month $1,200.00

You may also click on the following link to donate online with a debit/credit card or with Paypal: Help Give Us A Lift!

I thank you in advance for your contribution because I know the Heart and Pride that this community has. Joining a new conference in 2015 affords us a fresh start; let’s make our mark as the school to beat in the HHC.


Steve Dishon
Interim Athletic Director

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