Motivated High School students started working with our Elementary students this year and it went so well that we are launching this into our Middle school for the 19/20 school year. This is such a great program that not only helps out the younger students who get 1-on-1 learning with the older students – but also helps our high schoolers as well.  Notable Quotes:

"Spending time with my third graders has been something I look forward to each and every day. It is striking how much they have grown as well as how I have grown through working with them. At the time beginning some of the kids weren’t as interested in their schooling and were craving someone to talk to and care for them in their lives. Being able to be that person for those kids has been such a heart warming experience"
~ Allison Abney

"I love the quick but strong connection that we built with the kids. The evident impact we have on the kids brightens my day. We love their company as much as they love ours."
~Alison Pemberton

"Highlight of my day!"
~Anthony Townsend

If you are given the opportunity to be a mentor don’t pass it up because even if you don’t think you are qualified, working with the kids and watching the improvement through attitude, grades, and overall happiness is a feeling that is greater than any doubt you have about becoming a mentor and making a difference in these kids lives.
~Elizabeth Orzech

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