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Free Meals and Student Fees

Free! Free! Free!!!!

Breakfast and lunch at Taylor Community Schools will be free for the next four years.
You heard that right.
Our students will eat for free at Taylor schools thanks to the great work of food service director Paula Bolin.
Free meals include a complete breakfast and lunch provided by our cafeteria staff.
**The snack line and ala carte line are not included.

Parents will also be charged nothing for books, chromebooks, Ipads, etc. due to new legislation by the state.
Additionally, we will not be adding any additional fees to compensate for the losses.

** the only fees your child may incur would be limited to items such as art supplies in which your child would be able to keep. 

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Taylor School Board Goals

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Mission Statement

The Taylor School Community mission is to prepare and encourage our students for success in all life’s opportunities through the foundation of TITAN STYLE.

Vision Statement

Working together as the Taylor Learning Community, we will distinguish ourselves as a premiere educational site, ensuring a life of success and continued growth for all of our students.

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